Manitoba, Canada


Latitude: 49.916401, Longitude: -97.195602


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adamson, John Evans "Fred"  4 Nov 1883Manitoba, Canada I41448
2 Adamson, Philip Edward "Phil"  9 Feb 1891Manitoba, Canada I41254
3 Adamson, Robert of White Rock BC  1902Manitoba, Canada I41487
4 Adamson, William "Bill" of Onion Lake /Lloydminster AB  1897Manitoba, Canada I41459
5 Affleck, Allen Scott  4 Jun 1906Manitoba, Canada I26517
6 Baird, Chand  1896Manitoba, Canada I59083
7 Baird, Harold Wilson  Between 1901 and 1902Manitoba, Canada I59059
8 Baird, Laurie Teskey  Apr 1911Manitoba, Canada I59101
9 Ballard, Madeline Rose  Abt 1915Manitoba, Canada I18475
10 Barker, William James  Jul 1893Manitoba, Canada I49138
11 Bell, Sellie S.  Abt 1886Manitoba, Canada I15469
12 Callander, Alfred Raymond  3 Oct 1889Manitoba, Canada I18423
13 Callander, Gordon Glen  Abt Feb 1905Manitoba, Canada I18706
14 Callander, Lawrence William  23 May 1887Manitoba, Canada I18429
15 Callander, Maitland Bruce  Abt Mar 1903Manitoba, Canada I18705
16 Campbell, Albert Wellington  30 Sep 1885Manitoba, Canada I58597
17 Campbell, Flossie Edith  18 Dec 1886Manitoba, Canada I58598
18 Campbell, Mary  1883Manitoba, Canada I54803
19 Campbell, Olive  1889Manitoba, Canada I54805
20 Campbell, Robert C.  Jul 1886Manitoba, Canada I54804
21 Campbell, Wilford  1876Manitoba, Canada I25295
22 Carley, Edna Mary  23 Apr 1879Manitoba, Canada I33066
23 Chalmers, Margaret Grace "Marg"  14 Oct 1920Manitoba, Canada I60481
24 Code, Agnes R.  Jan 1906Manitoba, Canada I22000
25 Collins, Annie Frances  1898Manitoba, Canada I58567
26 Collins, George Edward  1902Manitoba, Canada I58572
27 Collins, Harvey  Abt 1895Manitoba, Canada I58565
28 Collins, Jean Scott  2 Jul 1893Manitoba, Canada I58564
29 Collins, Margaret  1901Manitoba, Canada I58570
30 Collins, Marion  1899Manitoba, Canada I58568
31 Collins, Marjorie  1901Manitoba, Canada I58571
32 Collins, Stanley  15 Jun 1891Manitoba, Canada I58563
33 Cook, William Stanley  Abt Jun 1889Manitoba, Canada I19273
34 Dodds, Ernest Robert  17 Apr 1898Manitoba, Canada I1536
35 Dodds, George L.  Abt Mar 1894Manitoba, Canada I1534
36 Dodds, Wilbert  Abt Feb 1893Manitoba, Canada I1533
37 Edmondson, William  1917Manitoba, Canada I58547
38 Gall, Gertrude "Gertie"  Abt Apr 1905Manitoba, Canada I4597
39 George, John "Jack"  27 Aug 1899Manitoba, Canada I18470
40 Halpenny, Addie Jane  1903Manitoba, Canada I48848
41 Halpenny, Alfred Wesley  29 Oct 1894Manitoba, Canada I48882
42 Halpenny, Earle  1900Manitoba, Canada I48885
43 Halpenny, George  1901Manitoba, Canada I48886
44 Halpenny, Harvey A.  12 Sep 1889Manitoba, Canada I48881
45 Halpenny, Ida Winnifred  23 Nov 1892Manitoba, Canada I48850
46 Halpenny, Ivy  1909Manitoba, Canada I48888
47 Halpenny, Levina P.  25 Aug 1900Manitoba, Canada I48883
48 Halpenny, Mary Merle  30 Jun 1896Manitoba, Canada I48896
49 Halpenny, Mildred  1893Manitoba, Canada I48884
50 Hicks, Ralph  17 Mar 1891Manitoba, Canada I18701

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Affleck, Helen Elenor  13 Jul 1943Manitoba, Canada I26511
2 Arnott, James  7 Jan 1895Manitoba, Canada I58817
3 Avery, Mary L. Ann  1915Manitoba, Canada I33438
4 Baird, Christina Bryson  Bef 1891Manitoba, Canada I59078
5 Baird, Thomas Taylor  Dec 1952Manitoba, Canada I20908
6 Ballard, Perry Wayne  11 Feb 1988Manitoba, Canada I21639
7 Bulloch, William M.  5 Apr 1904Manitoba, Canada I6250
8 Burns, James  Manitoba, Canada I35489
9 Callander, Sarah  Abt 1934Manitoba, Canada I5827
10 Campbell, Alexander William  1894Manitoba, Canada I4397
11 Campbell, Kenneth Cameron  24 May 2009Manitoba, Canada I4787
12 Carmichael, Gavin Alston  27 Dec 1928Manitoba, Canada I60288
13 Doerr, John  6 Apr 1909Manitoba, Canada I52858
14 Fisher, Charles Donald  Abt Sep 1934Manitoba, Canada I18950
15 Gibson, James  14 Dec 1925Manitoba, Canada I12393
16 Halpenny, Mary Merle  7 Mar 1984Manitoba, Canada I48896
17 Heald, Cleveland Clarence  18 Sep 1985Manitoba, Canada I48900
18 Higgins, William John  2 Apr 1919Manitoba, Canada I18410
19 Jackson, Wilfred Lloyd  26 Sep 1978Manitoba, Canada I21767
20 Johnston, Robert W.  21 Jan 1930Manitoba, Canada I42488
21 Keddie, Phyllis Myrtle  9 Oct 2014Manitoba, Canada I57660
22 Kester, Archibald Clifford  1975Manitoba, Canada I60213
23 Kester, William Raeburn  2003Manitoba, Canada I60216
24 Keyes, Matilda Maude  6 Jul 1935Manitoba, Canada I50221
25 Kirkland, Gertrude Agnes  13 Oct 1955Manitoba, Canada I23849
26 Lawson, Robert Somerville Sr.  5 Jul 1894Manitoba, Canada I52769
27 Little, Pvt. Frederick W. L.  25 Aug 1936Manitoba, Canada I60308
28 Livingstone, William  3Apr 1885Manitoba, Canada I42429
29 McArthur, Catherine "Kate"  21 Dec 1927Manitoba, Canada I44764
30 McIntyre, Annie Pearl  1980Manitoba, Canada I60211
31 McIntyre, Olive Ida  1975Manitoba, Canada I60212
32 Menzies, William Barber "Will"  6 Jul 1956Manitoba, Canada I1785
33 Moffatt, Elizabeth N.  1902Manitoba, Canada I57724
34 Munro, Thomas  7 May 1906Manitoba, Canada I65
35 Murdoch, James  1889Manitoba, Canada I17285
36 Murdoch, Jane  1901Manitoba, Canada I57722
37 Rankin, Evelyn Mabel  1955Manitoba, Canada I20408
38 Rankin, William Dalton  18 Jul 1953Manitoba, Canada I58519
39 Rathwell, Benjamin John  15 May 1946Manitoba, Canada I23854
40 Robertson, Janet  11 Jun 1947Manitoba, Canada I24455
41 Sharpe, Alice Marguerite  1996Manitoba, Canada I60217
42 Smith, George  28 Nov 1950Manitoba, Canada I33457
43 Turnbull, John Allan "Jack"  1991Manitoba, Canada I7322
44 Weibe, Cornelius Neil Peter "Neil"  4 Dec 1958Manitoba, Canada I60541
45 Wheeler, Thelma Mae  8 Jan 2014Manitoba, Canada I46664
46 Wilson, Walter  Manitoba, Canada I52551
47 Wood, George Thomas  20 Jan 1900Manitoba, Canada I57139
48 Woolway, Louise  Manitoba, Canada I15888
49 Young, Archibald  1 May 1881Manitoba, Canada I17598


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Campbell, John  1906Manitoba, Canada I25294

Census-Household Member

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census-Household Member    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Wilford  1906Manitoba, Canada I25295
2 Code, Mary Ellen  1906Manitoba, Canada I25293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Allan, Catherine Calder Rose  1905Manitoba, Canada I60435

Land & Property

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land & Property    Person ID 
1 Layden, Michael  6 Apr 1900Manitoba, Canada I4892


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Location    Person ID 
1 Ferrier, Abraham "Abram"  Bef 1908Manitoba, Canada I6710
2 Williamson, Joseph Samuel  Manitoba, Canada I29986


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Halpenny, Elijah  1891Manitoba, Canada I3414


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Affleck, Allen Scott  1916Manitoba, Canada I26517
2 Affleck, Allen Scott  1926Manitoba, Canada I26517
3 Affleck, Earle Stewart  1916Manitoba, Canada I26519
4 Affleck, Earle Stewart  1926Manitoba, Canada I26519
5 Affleck, John Edward  1916Manitoba, Canada I26515
6 Affleck, John Edward  1926Manitoba, Canada I26515
7 Affleck, John Wilbur  1916Manitoba, Canada I26521
8 Affleck, John Wilbur  1926Manitoba, Canada I26521
9 Affleck, Rachel  1916Manitoba, Canada I52789
10 Affleck, Verna Louise  1916Manitoba, Canada I58581
11 Affleck, Verna Louise  1926Manitoba, Canada I58581
12 Anderson, Jane Ellen  1916Manitoba, Canada I50885
13 Ashby, J.E.   I4598
14 Baird, Agnes Browning  1916Manitoba, Canada I52786
15 Baird, Christina Robina  1916Manitoba, Canada I59057
16 Baird, George Bryson  1916Manitoba, Canada I59061
17 Baird, Harold Wilson  1916Manitoba, Canada I59059
18 Baird, Jean  1916Manitoba, Canada I59060
19 Baird, John Leith  1916Manitoba, Canada I59058
20 Baird, Robert  1916Manitoba, Canada I28050
21 Baird, Robert Gordon  1916Manitoba, Canada I54414
22 Baird, Sarah  1916Manitoba, Canada I5510
23 Baird, Thomas Taylor  1916Manitoba, Canada I20908
24 Baird, Thomas Taylor  1926Manitoba, Canada I20908
25 Ballard, David Mercer  1916Manitoba, Canada I18466
26 Ching, Marie  1916Manitoba, Canada I26516
27 Ching, Marie  1926Manitoba, Canada I26516
28 Gillespie, Elizabeth  1916Manitoba, Canada I59065
29 McIntyre, Isabella  1897Manitoba, Canada I16215
30 McLaren, David  1876Manitoba, Canada I13604
31 McLaren, Walter  Manitoba, Canada I13605
32 Williamson, James  Manitoba, Canada I29985
33 Wilson, Mary Ann "Mamie"  1916Manitoba, Canada I59056


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Reid / Allan  17 Nov 1928Manitoba, Canada F21083
2 Swain / Newell  Abt 1890Manitoba, Canada F5602

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